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Sustainable Sportswear

Sportswear made with Sustainable textiles in a circular EU based production 

vain dane athletic writes newsletters on clima related newsletters like the nature on Bornholm

Clean Ocean - Clean Conscience - Clean Sport

100% recycled and sustainable materials - even the sowing thread is recycled

  • Wood fiber T-shirts

    100% Tencel - compostable and anti-bacterial

  • ASK-Mens T-shirts

    4 colours; White, Black, Grey, and Dark Blue

Sustainable running

Running in discarded fishing nets and old rugs


Sustainable Textiles

All vain dane athletic apparel is made from sustainable textiles by ethical sustainable work forces

TENCEL™ - Yarn that turns into compost

Vain Dane Athletic's T-shirts are 100% sustainable; from TENCEL™, a textile made from wood fibers, the recycled polyester sowing thread to the recycled polyester care labels. 

Its a great alternative to the resource heavy organic cotton, and its much softer as well as being anti-bacterial, breathable, and compostable.

ASK T-shirt

EMBLA - Women's Open back Shirt


Giving back to the oceans

We donate 2% of our annual revenue to marine protection organisations