European production and material choices

European production and material choices

May 16, 2019

CO2 footprint, ethical sustainability, and reducing the excessive amount of clothes and collections produced annually by conventional fashion brands are all topics we care a whole lot about here at Vain Dane Athletic.

European production

Reducing the CO2 footprint of the production by keeping the transport to a minimum, and ensuring a high level of ethical sustainability is important to Vain Dane Athletic.

Who made my clothes

We will on our website inform the customers, who made their sportswear by listing under each item, where the fabric was made and who sowed the clothes. This is a way to be transparent and we will also be the first to mention, where we need to improve - cause we do. Sustainability is can be many things. 

In Riga, Latvia we use a production company that employ Latvian women, who work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day with health benefits and holidays.

Vain Dane Athletic ECONYL CO2 reduction sustainable sportswear bæredygtigt sportstøj

Our materials 


Our elastics are not made from a sustainable thread. The thread is Oeko-Tex certified, but the material itself is not considered sustainable.

Why have we chosen to use it then?

Because for us sustainability is also to ensure that the clothes last longer. The sustainable elastics on the marked today would within a very short period become worn and broken. This would automatically mean that the customer would have to buy a new pair as the elastic no longer supports the leggings and bras. Then we have not been true to our mission of making clothes that last longer and is of a better quality. We welcome the day, we get an elastic that can hold its elasticity longer and we will switch immediately.


We all know it....carelabels itch and we cut them off. What a waste. In Vain Dane Athletic sportswear, we aim to have only 2 labels in ECONYL® clothes and 1 label in other designs, as this is enough to inform the customer of the size, the fabric quality, and the washing instructions.

Our carelabels are made from recycled polyester and made in Greece. They are Oeko-Tex certified.


Our clothes are sown with yarn that is Oeko-Tex certified and we will be starting to sow our sportswear with a recycled polyester thread as of next time, we place a production order. 

Pockets in running leggings

To make the inside pockets in our running leggings, we have used scrap material from other companies production. Scrap and cutoff fabrics that would otherwise be thrown out and not reused. The colours vary and you will find black, purple, and blue pockets in our clothes.

We cannot guarantee that the fabrics used for the pockets are sustainable textiles, but for us the sustainability aspect is that we are reusing something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The pockets in Vain Dane Athletic's running leggings are made from other companies cutoff


We will be using different fabrics in our sportswear depending on design and purpose. 

For our leggings and sportsbras we have chosen the ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn, as this is a product that helps us in getting closer to our Global Goal 14.1 taget goal of removing pollution from our oceans. ECONYL® yarn removes old discarded fishing nets from the oceans and transforms it into nylon fibers. Read more about ECONYL® yarn on the website under More -Sustainable Textiles.

Vain Dane Athletic is made with ECONYL® yarn

Fabric features

One of the reasons we chose to work with  ECONYL® yarn is its many qualities. The fabric features include recycled yarn, UV protection and many other important features for quality clothes that should last longer.

Vain Dane Athletic's fabric features