The Global Goals

The Global Goals

May 16, 2019

The Global Goals - For Sustainable Development

In 2015, world leaders all agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality, and stop climate change. Guided by the goals, Vain Dane Athletic, has chosen 4 goals they actively work towards through their production choices and company mission and vision.


We focus on the following 4 goals: 

Vain Dane Athletic Global Goal no 3 good health and well being sustainable sportswearVain Dane Athletic Global Goals no 12 responsible consumption and productionVain Dane Athletic Global Goals no 14 life below water sustainable sportswearVain Dane Athletic Global Goals no 17 partnerships for the goals

Under each of the 4 Global Goals, we have dedicated our efforts on one or two target goals to ensure we can meet expectations. To mention a few, we work to: 

3.4 - Promote mental health

  • Sport and exercise are ways to a better physical- and mental health. Through campaigns we will encourage people to be more active and arrange events, where sustainable sport and health are on the agenda. 

12.5 - Substantially reduce waste generation

  • In our production all cut-off and fabric waste are integrated into other products to ensure 0% waste in the making of our sportswear.
  • We have introduced a deposit on the clothes, so that customers can return their old Vain Dane Athletic clothes once they have outlived their purpose and no longer are suitable for workouts. We collect the worn out clothes and save it along with our cut-off waste, so that we can reuse them in other products.

12.8 - Promote universal understanding of sustainable lifestyles

  • Through our marketing and campaigns, we will highlight the importance of sustainable living and how sport is no exception to taking a sustainable stance. From the clothes we wear to the food and drink intake before, during, and after working out. Plastic can actively be avoided without making big changes. And often cost less.
  • Encouraging Vain Dane Athletic customers to treat their clothes properly, so it lasts longer. How you wash it. How you put on your clothes to minimize ripping the seems. Return worn out clothes to Vain Dane Athletic.

14.1 - Reduce Marine pollution

  • Vain Dane Athletic uses regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets. This is an aim to reduce the huge amounts of discarded fishing nets floating around the oceans leaving animals to be caught up in them and die as a result of this. It is estimated that there is 640,000 tons of discarded fishing nets in our oceans. The estimate is that 48% of all plastic in the oceans are discarded fishing nets.

Vain Dane Athletic works towards reducing marine pollution

17.16 - Encourage effective partnerships

  • We partner up with organisations and companies to increase awareness about the pollution in the oceans, the projects underway to find alternatives to plastic such as seaweed and algae, and educated people on our oceans and the challenges ahead if the global goals are to be achieved by 2030. 
  • We are corporate sponsor for Kattegatcentret in Grenaa, Denmark. We donate 2% of our annual revenue to them to support their efforts.Kattegatcentret logo erhvervssponsor Vain Dane Athletic


Using the Global Goals is part of Vain Dane Athletics tool box for sustainable production and sale. We aim to meet them and hope to be able to add more goals and part goals along the way. It is many components that have to come together, and so far we have achieved some of our initial goals, when establishing the company:

  • All fabrics and materials used in our sportswear are Oeko-Tex certified
  • 90% of our material production is based in Europe
  • Our packaging is 100% recycled and sustainable
  • We work together with Denmark's most educational and inspirational aquarium, Kattegatcentret in Grenaa, to highlight the challenges we face in our oceans due to pollution. Also, they are researching the abilities of seaweed and algae, which Vain Dane Athletic will include in our textile production over the coming year.

     Watch this video from the Global Goals and help spread the word:

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