TENCEL™ fibers - the natural choice

TENCEL™ fibers - the natural choice

april 23, 2021

Those sweet words - Sustainable managed forests, reduction of water consumption, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of emissions. 


Vain Dane Athletic has chosen to use TENCEL™ instead of cotton as our natural fiber option - why? Well, there are several reasons, but mainly due to the amount of water it takes to produce cotton. And now you might say, what about bamboo? We do not see bamboo as a sustainable material due to the amount of chemicals needed to soften the fibers. Also, bamboo is grown in areas, where there are questionable political agendas, and we do not support governments persecuting ethnical minorities.


How is TENCEL™ made

TENCEL™ fibers are obtained from wood—mainly eucalyptus—grown in more sustainably managed forests, where trees are grown in a controlled manner and as a part of programmes that guarantee reforestation. They are produced in a closed loop that reuses water and over 99% of the chemicals whilst ensure the water doesn't pollute, when let out. The actual production goes something like this:

The cellulose fibres are made by dissolving wood pulp and using a special drying process called spinning. Before drying, the wood chips are mixed with a solvent to produce a wet mixture. This mixture is then pushed through small holes to form threads, chemically treated, then the fibres are spun into yarn and then woven into cloth with different abilities and qualities. These technologies comply with more responsible consumption and management parameters established by the EU regarding energy, water and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Vain Dane Athletic breathable compostable



TENCEL™ branded fibers can offer a range of features:

  • botanic origin
  • sustainable production
  • gentle on skin
  • long-lasting softness
  • contributes to breathability
  • color retention
  • biodegradability






TENCEL™ is certified by the EU Ecolabel, a label developed by the European Commission Directorate-General for the Environment that verifies compliance with strict environmental standards during production processes. 

On top of that Vain Dane Athletic's TENCEL™ suppliers dye the textile using Oeko-tex certified colours and chemicals. All our suppliers are EU based and high levels of certifications including SEDEX, GRS and Oeko-tex.

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