Vain Dane Athletic ambassadors

Vain Dane Athletic ambassadors

juni 15, 2019

Work with people who share your values

Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. - The Lorax


At Vain Dane Athletic we value our partnerships, brand ambassadors, and collaborators, because they all share our view on sustainability and plastic pollution's impact on the nature. Each in their own way, and they have diffrent ways of partnering with Vain Dane Athletic and adding value to our company's mission and strategic goals.


Our ambassadors


Jeanette Kjeldgård Hedeager

Jeanette Kjeldgård Hedeager, Master in Biology with a focus on conservation and management of species, creator of The Animal Way Podcast.

Jeanette is our Crossfit apparel and 2019 Crossfit campaign model. She is a biologist with an amazing track record including TEDxOdense, Podcasts, and animal dissection in Danish ZOOs. "I teach children of all age groups about biology themes varying from mathematics to evolution to environmental changes."

Jeanette is a keen Crossfit athlete and takes part in local competitions and trains daily. 

Vain Dane Athletic and Jeanette Hedeager at Kattegatcentre photoshoot

Camilla Salling Olsen

Camilla Salling Olsen, Cand. Scient i Konkurrence- og Eliteidræt (Master in Elite sport), owner of Camilla Salling Olsen - mental coach, member of the Danish national free diving team.
Camilla modeled in the shoot we did in the Danish aquarium, Kattegatcentret, for  the 2019 campaign pictures. Camilla is a free diver competing on the Danish national free diving team as well as working as a mental coach. She coaches other elite athletes and uses specific methods and breathing tools from her own free diving career. Camilla knows how to resist the urge to breathe, staying calm, and focused 66 meters under water. She uses these tools, when her clients need to find their focus under pressure, whether sport or professional performances. She teaches workshops in sports psychological performance optimization for corporate professionals and elite athletes.


Camilla dives in oceans and lakes around the world and knows first hand the issues, we are facing due to plastic pollution in our oceans. 

 Vain Dane Athletic photoshoot with Camilla Salling Olsen

Lena Vindt Holm

Lena Vindt Holm, Fashion Design Technologist, BA Nutrition and Health, BA in sports science

Lena is the owner of OCR Odense - Personal Trainer & Nutritionist and works in Vain Dane Athletic's hometown of Odense, where she has a number of different training classes, mostly outdoor training with focus on using what is available in the streets and in front of you. She is a Vain Dane Athletic ambassador, because of her commitment to health and nutrition, as well as being a role model for teenagers and people, who value outdoor training. 

Lena is a keen OCR athlete and she takes the time to train and boost peoples confidence, whilst making sure everyone is able to keep up by scaling the exercises. That is what a successful personal trainer does - listen and guides. We love working her!

Vain Dane Athletic ambassadør Lena Vindt Holm OCR Odense

Rikke Hansen

Rikke Hansen, Design Technologist, Fashion and Textile, commercial lifeguard instructor, and professional mermaid.

Rikke was our campaign model for the shoot we did in Kattegatcentret's Oceanarium aquarium. When she is not modelling for Vain Dane Athletic, she works as a commercial lifeguard instructor and performs as a mermaid in The Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen. Her passion for the ocean also made her buy a boat, Chita, a 47ft yacht supposedly from 1913 - without the skills to sail it. Her passion for the ocean is evident.

Rikke, like Camilla, dives in oceans around the world and experiences the amount of plastic found in the oceans. 

Rikke Hansen, free diving darling, er model for Vain Dane Athletic



Flux Communication, Line Juul

Line Juul has a BA in Fashion and Business, a Cand. in Communication and is the owner of Flux Communication and the online magazine Bæredygtig By, Odense.

Line helped Vain Dane Athletic update social media during the photoshoot in Kattegatcentret. She ensured that people could follow the to models during the whole shoot by posting videos and photo showing what a great and fun day, we all had. She has also worked with us on other events and always brings her A-game. For most companies a social media consultant is worth hiring to ensure that you are free to direct the shoot and be present - not having your nose buried in your phone.


Flux Communication works with Vain Dane Athletic on social media

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