Birk Blue - Men's Hoodie

    1. Men's TENCEL™ Hoodie - fitted shape
    2. Compostable, anti-bacterial, and breathable
    3. Made in EU - woven in Portugal, sewn in Lithuania
    1. Model wearing size XL
    2. Model measures 190 cm
    3. Length of hoodie: 71 cm from neck to hem
    1. Lyocell Sweat 100% TENCEL™ - Sustainable wood fibers, Oeko-Tex certified fabric
    2. The navy hoodie is made from one material, therefore, there is no elastic hem rib on sleeves and waist. The black hoodie has a rib at sleeves and waist.
    3. 40 degrees celcius washing - with antibacterial textile you only need to wash the hoodie, when there are stains and strong odor. Otherwise just air it for a bit.

Kategori: Blue, Casual, Men, New Arrival, Tencel™, Top

Type: Hoodie

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