Advisory board

Our advisory board is composed of accomplished women offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives as market leaders in each their fields. 



We have established an advisory board to advice and support Vain Dane Athletic as we continue to grow. There will be six rotating advisory chairs:

Our ambassadors will always have a chair in our advisory board, because they are the ones helping with the design development and as an indirect customer and athletes they also wear the clothes and experience the pros and cons of the products long term.

Not every customer is a professional athlete but we have the same requirements in terms of fit and sizing since there is nothing worse than ill-fitting clothes that distracts from our training.

Any organisation, who benefit or has an interest in Vain Dane Athletic’s goals and mission, a current partnership organisation or environmental scholar.

Business profile

B2C - a strong business profile from a retail brand, who understands the challenges a company faces, when dealing with consumers. How to align our marketing efforts and general sales advice.

B2B - an experienced corporate sales profile to help with our B2B sale. Experience from sustainability or corporate branding and work clothes would be preferred. 


We have multiple marketing profiles as marketing is a broad area to cover and we value experience from digital content strategies to B2B sales strategies.


Would you like to be considered for the next advisory board rotation then feel free to send us an email: with an introduction and which competences you feel you could contribute with.



B-Corp Certification

Vain Dane Athletic B-corp assessment

Valuing stakeholders as much as shareholders – that’s our commitment


We are currently waiting for our turn to be assessed for a B-Corp certification – a global movement, where our mindset is geared towards the stakeholders and where we use our business to create positive changes to our environment.


We submitted the application in October and waiting for our turn to be assessed. Once we are certified it’s a continuous job to keep up the high standards, as we will be reassessed every three years.



    Size charts
    Silhouettes back to back

    We made sure to make the size choice easy for you. That is why on our product pages you will be able to see a picture of a size chart for each product.

    On this page is an overview of all the different styles. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us:



    Ask Size Chart
    Birk Size Chart
    Dagfrid Size Chart
    Embla Size Chart
    Holger Size Chart
    Ran Size Chart
    Sif Size Chart
    Sigmund Size Chart 
    Tyra Size Chart
    Ydun Size Chart


    Freja Size Chart
    Maggie Size Chart


    Agni Size Chart


    Bera Size Chart


    Erik Size Chart
    Frej Size Chart
    Siggi Size Chart
    Sigrid Size Chart
    Tho Size Chart
    Thor short Size Chart
    Valdimar Size Chart
    Valdimar short Size Chart

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