Brand Ambassadors

Work with people, who share your values


At Vain Dane Athletic we value our partnerships, brand ambassadors, and collaborators, because they all share our view on sustainability, plastic pollution's impact on the nature and the importance of an active lifestyle. Each in their own way, and they have diffrent ways of partnering with Vain Dane Athletic and adding value to our company's vision, mission, and strategic goals.


Our brand ambassadors:


Vain Dane Athletic and Jeanette Hedeager at Kattegatcentre photoshoot

Jeanette Kjeldgård Hedeager

Jeanette Kjeldgård Hedeager, Master in Biology with a focus on conservation and management of species, creator of The Animal Way Podcast.


Jeanette is our Crossfit apparel and 2019 Crossfit campaign model. She is a biologist with an amazing track record including TEDxOdense, Podcasts, and animal dissection in Danish ZOOs. "I teach children of all age groups about biology themes varying from mathematics to evolution to environmental changes."

Jeanette is a keen Crossfit athlete and takes part in local competitions and trains daily. 



Vain Dane Athletic photoshoot with Camilla Salling Olsen

Camilla Salling Olsen

Camilla Salling Olsen, Cand. Scient i Konkurrence- og Eliteidræt (Master in Elite sport), owner of Camilla Salling Olsen - mental coach, member of the Danish national free diving team.
Camilla modeled in the shoot we did in the Danish aquarium, Kattegatcentret, for  the 2019 campaign pictures. Camilla is a free diver competing on the Danish national free diving team as well as working as a mental coach. She coaches other elite athletes and uses specific methods and breathing tools from her own free diving career. Camilla knows how to resist the urge to breathe, staying calm, and focused 66 meters under water. She uses these tools, when her clients need to find their focus under pressure, whether sport or professional performances. She teaches workshops in sports psychological performance optimization for corporate professionals and elite athletes.

Camilla dives in oceans and lakes around the world and knows first hand the issues, we are facing due to plastic pollution in our oceans. 



Vain Dane Athletic ambassadør Lena Vindt Holm OCR Odense

Lena Vindt Holm

Lena Vindt Holm, Fashion Design Technologist, BA Nutrition and Health, BA in sports science

Lena is the owner of OCR Odense - Personal Trainer & Nutritionist and works in Vain Dane Athletic's hometown of Odense, where she has a number of different training classes, mostly outdoor training with focus on using what is available in the streets and in front of you. She is a Vain Dane Athletic ambassador, because of her commitment to health and nutrition, as well as being a role model for teenagers and people, who value outdoor training. 

Lena is a keen OCR athlete and she takes the time to train and boost peoples confidence, whilst making sure everyone is able to keep up by scaling the exercises. That is what a successful personal trainer does - listen and guides. We love working her!



Eva Schultz Brøndum

Eva Schultz Brøndum, Psychologist, 3 x Muay Thai world champion, 1 x Nordic champion, Muay Thai trainer at Kaenphet Muaythai.

Eva is the owner of Kaenphet Muaythai in Denmark and Huahin, Thailand. Eva trains students of all levels in the art of Muay thai fighting and fights professionally primarily internationally. She is a strong believer in a healthy lifestyle as a counter balance to mental wellness, which is what UN's SDG number 3 works towards. With increasing number of young people suffering mental challenges, sport is a great outlet, where the body is in balance and with Eva being a licensed psychologist Muay Tai training at her center is a much needed break for many of her students.






Are you an everyday athlete? 




Our clothes are made for the body that moves, the everyday athlete. Do you train regularly, have a blog highlighting your healthy lifestyle or something else that revolves around sustainability or an active lifestyle. Vain Dane Athletic is always looking for interesting people to share our journey ahead.


What do we want to know?

* Your name and place of residence

* What kind of collaboration (ex. ambassadorship, company or organizational cooperation, etc.)

* Name and information about the channels you engage in

* What subjects / what work are you passionate about? (Ex. running, Crossfit, yoga, sustainability, etc.)

* What does your target audience look like? Who are your followers?

* What in your life makes Vain Dane Athletic a natural choice?

* What do you want the collaboration to look like? What can you offer?

Email your proposal to and we will contact you if your proposal is something we would like to pursue.

    Size Chart



    FREJA - Elastic Bra

    European 65-70 75 80 85 90
    Vain Dane Athletic A-B cup XS S M L L
    C-D cup XS S M L L


    MAGGIE - Closed Back Bra

    European 65-70 75 80 85 90
    Vain Dane Athletic A-B cup XS S M/L L/XL XL

    Leggings, skort, and shorts

    High-waisted Compression Leggings - SIGGI and ASDIS

    In the below chart you can see what the Vain Dane Athletic leggings sizes compare to.

    US UK DK/EU Vain Dane Athletic
    X-Small 0-2 4-6 30-32 XS
    Small 4-6 8-10 34-36 XS
    Medium 8-10 12-14 38-40 S
    Large 12-14 16-18 42 M
    X-Large 16-18 20-22 44-46 L
    XX-Large 20-22 24-26 48-50 XL

    Women Training and Running Leggings - SIGRID

    US UK DK/EU Vain Dane Athletic
    X-Small 0-2 4-6 30-32 XS
    Small 4-6 8-10 34-36 S
    Medium 8-10 12-14 38-40 M
    Large 12-14 16-18 42 L
    X-Large 16-18 20-22 44-46 XL
    2X-Large 20-22 24-26 48-50 2XL

    Long Sleeved Running Shirt - RAN

    Measured in cm - relaxed XS S M L XL
    Chest 78 83 88 93 98
    Waist 71 76 81 86 91
    Length of body 60 63 64 65 65,5

    Short Sleeved T-shirts - TYRA

    Measured in cm XS S M L XL
    Chest 83 90 95 100 103
    Waist 79 82 89 94 99
    Length of body 56 59 60 61 62



    Leggings - VALDIMAR

    US UK DK/EU Vain Dane Athletic
    X-Small 0-2 4-6 30-32 XS
    Small 4-6 8-10 34-36 S
    Medium 8-10 12-14 38-40 M
    Large 12-14 16-18 42 L
    X-Large 16-18 20-22 44-46 XL
    XX-Large 20-22 24-26 48-50 XXL

    Shorts - ERIK

    Measured in cm XS S M L XL
    Waist relax/stretched 60/94 66/100 72/106 78/112 84/118
    Outside leg 42 44 46 48 50


    T-Shirts - ASK and HOLGER

    Measured in cm XS S M L XL
    Chest 92 97 102 107 112
    Waist 84 87 92 97 102
    Body length 60 62,5 67,5 72,5 72,5

    Long Sleeved Running Shirt - SIGMUND

    Measured in cm - relaxed XS S M L XL
    Chest 92 97 102 107 112
    Waist 83 88 92 96 51
    Length of body 63,5 66 71 76 76


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