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Increase your brand value with sustainable employee sportswear

Well designed sportswear made with sustainable textiles will not only last longer, but also be value more by the employees and your company will benefit from the added brand value. 

Today, lots of work places - private and public - take part in social employees running and sports events like DHL, Eventyrloebet, Marathons, Spartan Race, Nordic Race, Femina loebet, Kvindeloebet etc. 

It's very easy to order a batch of t-shirts made from conventional textiles with company logo and year printed on it, as most third party corporate gift companies offers a range of low quality t-shirts and clothes. However, most of the time the textiles are poor quality to meet the low B2B sales prices, and has a short lifespan, cause of the poor production. With the year - i.e. 2019 - printed on the t- shirt, a new t-shirt will be required the following year. This is costly for the company and has an unfortunate impact on the environment, as discarded textiles are mostly burned since there is currently no other way to recycle mixed materials such as polyester/nylon mix.

Here at Vain Dane Athletic we have introduced a “deposit” on our clothes, where the customer can return the worn out clothes to Vain Dane Athletic to be recycled back into new products and get a one off discount code of 20% for the webshop. Hereby avoiding that the worn out clothes is discarded and burned and instead it becomes part of our circular economy. The value for the employee extends beyond the better quality of the material to also ensure that they have the option of discarding the clothes in a sustainable manner and get an incentive to be part of the circular economy.

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B2B soft copy catalogue

Vain Dane Athletic is able to customise the clothes to fit any company logo and pantone colour. The order size and time of production depends on a number of factors, so for more information and to request the catalogue, please send an email to sales@vaindane.com with your enquiries.