Circular yoga mats

Circular yoga mats - a take back project

As part of our commitment to a zero waste policy in we have chosen to make yoga mats out of the smaller textile cut-off from our production and the returned worn out Vain Dane Athletic sportswear. Yoga mats are a natural product to have in a sportswear range. 

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We cannot separate fibers and regenerate nylon ourselves, but we can recycle the textile cut-offs, worn out clothes and at a later stage the yoga mats, so that we can continue producing yoga mats.

It is important for us to ensure our customers have a sustainable alternative to the landfill, whilst keeping the synthetic fibers within a circular production preventing them from ending up in our nature.

Furthermore, we receive ECONYL textile cut-offs from two of our competitors and thereby help them have a greener profile, whilst preventing their waste being discarded of.

We are currently working on developing the right structure of the yoga mats together with a engineering company in Denmark. We want to coat the mat with a product that is recyclable as well, so that the yoga mats also can have a return deposit on them and become new yoga mats.



    Size charts
    Silhouettes back to back

    We made sure to make the size choice easy for you. That is why on our product pages you will be able to see a picture of a size chart for each product.

    On this page is an overview of all the different styles. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us:



    Ask Size Chart
    Birk Size Chart
    Dagfrid Size Chart
    Embla Size Chart
    Holger Size Chart
    Ran Size Chart
    Sif Size Chart
    Sigmund Size Chart 
    Tyra Size Chart
    Ydun Size Chart


    Freja Size Chart
    Maggie Size Chart


    Agni Size Chart


    Bera Size Chart


    Erik Size Chart
    Frej Size Chart
    Siggi Size Chart
    Sigrid Size Chart
    Tho Size Chart
    Thor short Size Chart
    Valdimar Size Chart
    Valdimar short Size Chart

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