Deposit or "Pant" in Danish

"Pant" - a deposit is given for all worn out Vain Dane Athletic clothes when returned to us.

Why - you may ask

In Denmark alone its estimated that each person annually buys 13,2 kilos of textiles. That comes to 85.000 tons annually. Of those 54% are discarded and burned. The other 46% is given to charity domestically and internationally (accordingly to Miljøstyrelsen 2016, Kortlægning af tekstilflows i Danmark).

Our clothes shopping and consumption is increasing with the consumer using the clothes less and less. In average a T-shirt is worn 5 times before its thrown out. We want to change this behaviour with both longer lasting clothes, but also a circular production. 

By taking back the worn out clothes, we are able to recycle the clothes along with the cutoffs and scraps from the production and make it into other products. 

How does it work?

You send your clothes back to us and send us a message with information about which garments you have returned. You will then receive a discount code for a one off 20% discount to use in our webshop. 

Is it for all sportswear brands?

No, only Vain Dane Athletic sportswear. 

Return address?

Vain Dane Athletic

att: Tina Søgaard-Pedersen

Marthavænget 22

5270 Odense N