Kattegatcentret - Smitten by the Sea

Corporate sponsorship and a valued partnership

Vain Dane Athletic is støttefisk (support fish) for the public aquarium, Kattegatcentret, in Grenaa, Denmark. That means that we each year donate 2% of our revenue to help them with their research and preservation projects.

We did our first campaign photoshoot in their Oceanarium aquarium - a tank resembling Kattegat Sea. Why? Well, it is not just in the tropical waters in the Far East, where there are problems with human caused pollution. It's in all oceans, all over the planet. 

Vain Dane Athletic had a photoshoot in the Ocenarium in Kattegatcentret

Kattegatcentret's vision is to offer exiting, educational, and entertaining experiences, which will teach you about life in the ocean, cause they believe that when you are educated about the oceans, you will take better care of them. Thankfully, they encourage businesses, educational, and research facilities to work with them, and visit them in their facilities to ensure the future of healthy oceans. 


Global Goal 17 Kattegat and Vain Dane Athletic partnershipVain Dane Athletic aims at achieving the The Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Partnerships are incorporated into the company's 4 corner stones. Goal no 17 - "Partnerships for the goals" is one of the first goals, we wanted to achieve. By partnering up with the Danish public aquarium, Kattegatcentret, in Grenaa, Denmark, we found a partner, who is equally invested in finding solutions to cleaning the oceans, preservation of marine animals, and researching seaweeds abilities.






Photoshoot in the Oceanarium aquarium 

Just before Easter, Vain Dane Athletic had a campaign photoshoot in Kattegatcentret's Oceanarium aquarium, a tank with 1,5 million liters of water. The environment and the animals are the same as the ones you find in the Kattegat Sea. The models, two free divers, had to jump in the 11 degree celcius water and do their best to showcase the clothes, whilst having curious rays crawl on them. We only work with people, who believe in a sustainable lifestyle. The free divers are used to seeing the plastic piling up in the oceans during their dives and our Crossfit model is a biologist spending time educating people about the different animals grazing our planet. 


Vain Dane Athletic campaign picture shoot in Kattegatcentret


By supporting Kattegatcentret we directly support research projects regarding seaweed's abilities. Together with Aarhus University, Kattegatcentret has founded AlgeCenter Danmark (Algae Centre Denmark) a research, innovation, and communication cooperative. They research the abilities of seaweed and how to grow seaweed both on land and in the ocean.

Vain Dane Athletic will later this year launch a t-shirt collection made with seaweed. By supporting projects like Algae Centre Denmark, we work towards making seaweed textiles a more affordable textile, so it can be used for more clothes by more companies.

Marine pollution and communication

Communicating the current state of the oceans and the challenges facing animals living in them is important in order to prevent further pollution. Who better to help Vain Dane Athletic do exactly that than a group of experts in marine biology. Our sportswear is made from discarded fishing nets, but we also want to push our efforts further by educating our customers on plastic free sport and everyday life. The single use plastic wrappings used in protein bars and protein drinks end up in the ocean or landfills polluting for the next 500 years.


If you want to know more about Kattegatcentret then go to their official website



Vain Dane Athletic sponsor for Kattegatcentret