Materials - part of Vain Dane Athletic's design strategy

Every aspect of the design process is meticulously designed to ensure that our products have the longest possible durability and recyclebility. 

Vain Dane Athletic uses different sustainable textiles in the different styles. It is important that all of the clothes are made with sustainable materials and is made with a high level of ethical sustainability both in terms of resources and living wages to the people making our materials. We work towards achieving Global Goal no 12 - Responsible consumption and production - by using only fabrics that have Oeko-Tex certifications, are made from sustainable materials, and can be used indefinitely or are biodegradable.







ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made by recovering nylon waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, but also fabric scraps from mills and old rugs and carpets destined for landfills. By turning it into virgin quality nylon yarn, the already existing material gets a new life and doesn't become part of the increasing amount of waste found in the nature.

Textiles containing ECONYL® yarn is used for our leggings, bra, running shirts and all things elastic. We use two different elastic ECONYL® textiles types for our clothes depending on the capability of the particular style. One is with and one is without compression.

To read more about the regeneration process we recommend you to read our blog post "ECONYL®"

See Vain Dane Athletic's brand profile on ECONYL® website:





We have chosen sustainable wood fibers for our T-shirts and training tops, as its a natural material, anti-bacterial, biodegradable, and compostable. TENCEL™ fibers are produced from wood pulp from sustainably managed sources, a renewable resource, that prevents deforestation. 

The fabric is soft, breathable, and can be washed at 40 degrees celcius and still retain its colour and shape.

Our TENCEL™ textiles are dyed and woven in Portugal, by a highly certified company with a high representation of women in their management.

Products made from TENCEL™ is ASK, EMBLA, YDUN, DAGFRID, BIRK, and FREJ.

Read more about TENCEL™ in the Blog Post "TENCEL™ - A natural choice"





    Post-consumer plastic and TENCEL™

    Some of our products are made with textiles containing post-consumer plastic and TENCEL™ combined. That includes ERIK - shorts. Each textile has an ability that works great with certain types of clothes. The combination of TENCEL™ and synthetic materials gives a softness to the textile, so that the clothes can be worn with comfort in mind, whether it's in sport or recreational. This gives the clothes more options for wear.









      Waist cord

      All our drawstrings are made from recycled polyester in a GRS certified company, Shindo, in Japan. This is one of the non EU based suppliers we have, but their ethics and commitment to environmental improvements makes the product a more sustainable clothing component compared to anything on the EU market. For smaller shelf orders we receive the string from their warehouse in Germany.


      To ensure waste is not created unnecessarily, we have chosen that the drawstring has to be actively added to our Sigrid leggings. There are different preferences for drawstrings, but the most common practice is to order them without the drawstring. By making the customer actively having to add a drawstring to the cart, we ensure that the drawstring will not be taken out and thrown away.  


      Size charts
      Silhouettes back to back

      We made sure to make the size choice easy for you. That is why on our product pages you will be able to see a picture of a size chart for each product.

      On this page is an overview of all the different styles. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us:



      Ask Size Chart
      Birk Size Chart
      Dagfrid Size Chart
      Embla Size Chart
      Holger Size Chart
      Ran Size Chart
      Sif Size Chart
      Sigmund Size Chart 
      Tyra Size Chart
      Ydun Size Chart


      Freja Size Chart
      Maggie Size Chart


      Agni Size Chart


      Bera Size Chart


      Erik Size Chart
      Frej Size Chart
      Siggi Size Chart
      Sigrid Size Chart
      Tho Size Chart
      Thor short Size Chart
      Valdimar Size Chart
      Valdimar short Size Chart

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