The sustainable sportswear brand vain dane athletic is owned by Tina Søgaard-Pedersen

Not just another sportswear company

"Polyester, nylon, and acrylic are all forms of plastic. They are all synthetic petrolium based fibers and it takes more than 200 years for them to break down"

Tina Søgaard-Pedersen, Owner

Vain Dane Athletic aims to cut back on the amount of sportswear that is discarded each year by ensuring a higher quality clothing that last longer. All our products are circular, where the fabric cut offs from the production, worn out Vain Dane Athletic clothes returned from the customers and other companies ECONYL® cut off will be reused in other products.

We have a Zero Waste policy

The sustainable sportswear brand Vain Dane Athletic's logo

From the desert to the ocean

The idea to create Vain Dane Athletic came to owner, Tina Søgaard-Pedersen, after living in the Middle East for 10 years and always longing for sustainable products. All around her the effects of human pollution were piling up - quite literally. A culture of buy and throw away with no regards for the planet, in sport and everyday life, made her rethink her career decisions, and the idea to create a sustainable sportswear brand for Crossfit, Functional Training, and Running was born. 

By working with The 17 Global Goals and different organisations dedicated to clean oceans, sustainable textile production, and marine preservation, she hopes to inspire others to do better by setting an example.

We can all do better and we should. We owe it to the future generations.

vain dane athletic had a photoshoot with this white sturgeon in Kattegatcentret

All oceans are affected

Its not just the tropical waters that battle plastic pollution - the Kattegat and North Sea do as well

Kattegatcentret - Smitten by the Sea

Vain Dane Athletic is Corporate Sponsor for Kattegatcentret in Grenaa, Denmark.

Kattegatcentret: "Our vision is for many more people to be smitten by the sea. We want to influence and inspire people to enjoy, understand and take care of our oceans." 

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vain dane athletic is corporate sponsor for Kattegatcentret in Grenaa, Denmark

We fight for our oceans

2% of Vain Dane Atheltic's annual revenue goes to Kattegatcentret and their marine life preservation projects and events

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