Paita & Peppu

Children's swimwear made out of sustainable textile waste, sown by marginalized women in India to ensure their financial independence





Paita & Peppu is a Finnish children's saying and means "Best Friends - Two peas in a pod" or, literally translated, Shirt and Butt.


UN's Global Goals

Waste management is one of the biggest problems in the world. So are poverty, women’s rights, hunger, and climate crisis. These 5 problem areas are all part of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the cornerstones of Vain Dane Athletic's business strategy. Vain Dane Athletic is a sustainable sportswear brand with a zero waste and 2% revenue donation policy. 




When sewing our products, we get some textile cut-off, which would normally be discarded. We have two programs ensuring that we use all our waste in other products. One project takes the smaller pieces of waste along with returned worn out Vain Dane Athletic clothes and turns them into yoga mats in Denmark. The other project is our non-profit project, Paita & Peppu, which will turn the larger pieces of textile waste into childrens swimwear.


"Cut-off textiles made from ocean and nylon waste materials - converted into a product, which create employment for marginalized women. It’s the definition of purpose." Vain Dane Athletic owner, Tina Søgaard-Pedersen


Anoothi - empowerment of marginalised women

This is a non-profit project created to ensure that we, as a company, value purpose over profit and work towards achieving our company vision, mission, and values. Paita & Peppu help to ensure that we have zero waste production aligned with SDG 12 – responsible consumption and production. We have teamed up with an organization in India, Anoothi, helping marginalized women in Jaipur create a sense of dignity and become financial independent through training and employment. The women will receive training in sowing swimwear and the creative design process. We never know how much waste we will have, what colours, and what sizes once we place the order. Therefore, the women must utilize the fabric waste the best they can to ensure a wide range of different childrens swimwear design are produced. The swimwear will be sold via the Paita & Peppu website and ALL profit will go back into placing the next order and train even more women.




We take ECONYL® textile waste from our competitors as well. Our goal is to be able to increase the production annually to ensure we are able to keep increasing our support and commitment to Anoothi. We want Paita & Peppu to be a permanent part of our company. All the swimwear will have a return deposit and be able to go into our yoga mat waste project and be part of our circular production.


Paita ja Peppu logo

Students and interns will run the project, so that we start planting the idea of sustainable entrepreneurship in the students at an early stage of their career development. 

To follow the progress of Paita & Peppu follow the project on Instagram


Size charts
Silhouettes back to back

We made sure to make the size choice easy for you. That is why on our product pages you will be able to see a picture of a size chart for each product.

On this page is an overview of all the different styles. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us:



Ask Size Chart
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Valdimar short Size Chart

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