Vain Dane Athletic media and press coverage

October 2022


Title: Trail blazing rolemodel: "I didnt know about entrepreneurship before 2019"

Published: 25. October 2022





June 2022


Title: Tina was done with startup competitions, but gave DCI GO a chance: Im glad I did.

Published 1. June 2022

Vain Dane Athletic Tina Søgaard-Pedersen
Vain Dane CDI Odense pitch
Vain Dane Investor pitch

March 2022


Title: Tinas sportswear lands the top mark for sustainability

Published: 16. March 2022

Vain Dane Athletic highest B-Corp score



May 2021


Title: From jetset life in Dubai to entrepreneur in Odense. Tina wants to create the best sportswear brand whilst helping others

Published: 6. May 2021


Erhverv+ artikel om Vain Dane Athletic
Erhverv+ artikel om Vain Dane Athletic


Published: 5. May 2021

Vain Dane feature in IFORM

November 2020

Ugeavisen Odense

Title: Sustainability pops up in Kongensgade
Published: 18. November 2020
Ugeavisen Popup Kongensgade

August 2020

P1 - Public Service Radio Programme

Title: Running clothes made from ghost yarn
Published: 17. August 2020

December 2019


Title: No more consumption frenzy - Tina turns fish nets into new clothes
Published: 9. December 2019

November 2019

Ugeavisen Odense 

Title: EntrepreneurOdense-award 2019: Sustainability dominates the award show
Published: 27. November 2019

Fyens Erhverv+ 

Title: Who will win EntrepreneurOdense 2019?
Published: 14. November 2019
Erhverv plus artikel vain dane athletic

October 2019

Ugeavisen Odense 

Title: When sustainability starts at the bottom of the sea
Published: 15. October 2019




September 2019

TV2 - FYN 

Title: Tina makes clothes from fish nets: - I want to give something back
Published: 26. October 2019
Vain Dane Athletic TV2 interview

August 2019

Ugeavisen Odense 

Title: Sustainable fashion is the new black
Published: 20. August 2019
Vain Dane Athletic ugeavis sustainable

Odense Film Festival Catalogue

Title: Made in Europe? Sustainable pop-up
Sustainable Pop Up hosted OFF at the the opening reception for the pop-up shop in Odense, Denmark. They showed 3 short movies relating to a sustainable topic.
Published: August 2019
OFF press Vain Dane Athletic

April 2019

Jyllands-Posten Norddjurs Section

Title: New Kattegat sponsor makes sportswear from plastic waste collected in the ocean
After shooting the campaign pictures for Vain Dane Athletic's website and becoming Kattegatcentrets corporate sponsor a short piece was written in Jyllands-posten.
Published: 24. August 2019
Vain Dane Athletic was in when they became corporate sponsor for Kattegatcentret in Grenaa, Denmark

Title: Kattegatcentret's new sponsor makes sportswear from plastic waste collected in the ocean. - Plast Industrien - below mentioning is from the organisation for the Danish plastic industry.

Published: 23. April 2019


Vain Dane Athletic was mentioned on Plastindustriens website

January 2019

Title: Tina creates sportswear from plastic collected in the ocean
An article for Business Fyn about the motivation for starting Vain Dane Athletic and changing her business career 180 degrees from HR Director in the Middle East to owner of a sustainable start-up.

Published: 4. January 2019

Vain Dane Athletic in in January 2019 - Business Fyn



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