A responsible production values stakeholders over shareholders

When Vain Dane Athletic was established, we put a lot of thought into how we could make our production flow as environmentally friendly as possible with the right suppliers and the least possible environmental impact. We decided on a 100% European sewing production and to commit to a 90% European production on components and textiles. Certain materials are currently not available in Europe in a quality, where we would consider it a sustainable choice to use that product. Elastics are one of the main areas of improvement for our production. Using a sustainable elastic would mean that the elastic wouldn’t last as long as a conventional made one - leaving the clothes’ longevity for wear shorter. Instead we chose a supplier, who is female owned, Oeko-Tex certified, and based in Hong Kong.




Suppliers are one of our main stakeholders and we spend a lot of time sourcing the right company to produce for us. By dealing with our material suppliers directly, we can ensure that we only work with companies that are certified, have proper working conditions for their employees, and we can visit them to inspect their facilities.

We have chosen partners, who have the necessary understanding for our zero waste production strategy allowing us to control all aspects of material purchase, small quantity orders, and close communication correcting misunderstandings and potential issues before they arise.

  • Factory locations: Greece, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Denmark
  • Certifications held by our partners: Oeko-tex, GRS, Sedex, SA 8000, REACH, Step, Bluesign, OCS, GOTS, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, FSC certified
  • 40% of suppliers are female owned companies


      Garment factory

      In July 2019 we met with our sewing partner in Lithuania and were greeted by the management and office dog. The atmosphere was professionel and friendly and after a walk through of the facilities we were sure this was a partnership that would support our zero waste policies and company vision.

      The patterns are made in collaboration with our sewing partner after they receive the design sheet from us. They are the experts and with their input a sample is made with the materials already in our textile stock. The sample is tested, worn and any corrections communicated to the sewing team, who then implements any changes that needs altered.

       vain_dane_production_EUMaterials are ordered directly from our trusted suppliers and sent to the sewing production, where the order is made.

      The factory is SEDEX certified, which means that they are part of a global membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains and drive ethical business practices. 80% of the employees are women and the senior management is female driven.

      Size charts
      Silhouettes back to back

      We made sure to make the size choice easy for you. That is why on our product pages you will be able to see a picture of a size chart for each product.

      On this page is an overview of all the different styles. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us:



      Ask Size Chart
      Birk Size Chart
      Dagfrid Size Chart
      Embla Size Chart
      Holger Size Chart
      Ran Size Chart
      Sif Size Chart
      Sigmund Size Chart 
      Tyra Size Chart
      Ydun Size Chart


      Freja Size Chart
      Maggie Size Chart


      Agni Size Chart


      Bera Size Chart


      Erik Size Chart
      Frej Size Chart
      Siggi Size Chart
      Sigrid Size Chart
      Tho Size Chart
      Thor short Size Chart
      Valdimar Size Chart
      Valdimar short Size Chart

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