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What is the ECONYL® yarn regeneration process?

Where is the ECONYL® yarn made?

  • The regeneration and purification processes are in Slovenia and Northern Italy. The owner of the trademark ECONYL® is Aquafil SpA in Italy and it is with them we have our partnership agreement 

What is the ECONYL® yarn made from?

The yarn is made from several different nylon sources, both pre-consumer and post-consumer waste:

  • Discarded fishing nets
  • Industrial nylon waste
  • Old rugs and carpets
  • Industrial plastic from landfills

Where does the discarded fishing nets come from?

  • The discarded fishing nets come from different parts of the world. Some of them come from Net-Works™–Projekt operating in the Philippines and others from Healthy Seas operating in Cameroon. There is also collections in Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece.

How much regenerated nylon is there in the final fabrics?

  • That depends on the fabric. For Vain Dane Athletic leggings and sportsbras there is 65% ECONYL® regenerated yarn in the fabric.
  • We will later launch a thinner running legging with a higher % of ECONYL® yarn, as they are thinner for running during the summer in the northern hemisphere and more suitable for hot climates all year round.


Where does the materials come from?

  • The clothes is sown in Riga, Latvia.
  • The labels are made in Greece.
  • The fabric is woven in northern Italy.
  • The pattern fabric is dyed in northern Italy on ECONYL® regenerated nylon fabrics with Oeko-Tex certified organic dye.
  • The elastic is made in China in a family run company.

Who sows the clothes?

  • The women sowing the clothes works in Riga, Latvia, and work 8 hours days - 5 days a week. They have lunch break, medical coverage, and holidays as per EU regulations.

Can we order customized sizes?

  • Because of our small production scale, we can make some changes if a number of people jointly requests a specific design. However, extra cost will occur. 
  • Send an email with description of what you would be interested in discussing and we will be in touch.

Care and treatment of clothes

How should the clothes be washed?

  • In order to be able to throw the sportswear into the wash with the rest of your daily wash, we have chosen fabrics that can be washed on 40 degree celcius. 
  • A good idea is to turn the clothes inside out to spare the clothes a bit.

Can the clothes go in the dryer?

  • No. The textile fibers are not suitable for drying and it will shorten the lifespan of the clothes.


What are the sizes like?

  • The fabric we use for the leggings contains 35% Elastane and therefore very stretchable. You should order a size smaller than your usual size. 


Will Vain Dane Athletic have seasonal sales?

  • No, we will not have "Sale" at any time or seasons end. Our clothes is season-less and we don't follow dictated colour trends. 
  • The basic colours will remain the same, but new designs and colours will be introduced, when there is a natural production increase and new product development.

Will there be discount codes?

  • At the company's discretion a discount code can be introduced to honor an event or particular day - World Ocean Day, etc. This will be announced in the newsletters and on our social media pages.

Clubs and organisations

Can a club or organisation get custom made sportswear?

  • Yes, we can add logos and colours to the clothes to match the company logo. Send an email to for further information.

Can we book Vain Dane Athletic as a speaker?

  • Yes. Tina Søgaard-Pedersen can be booked as a speaker on topics concerning:
    • "Ocean Plastic" and textiles from alternative resources
    • Ethical Sustainability - Global Goals
    • Sport and Sustainability
    • Sustainability in MENA and Nigeria


What do you ship the clothes in?

  • Our shipping bags are made from sugar canes and 100% recycled LD-PE bags, which are all produced in Denmark.

What is the shipping time line?

  • We aim to send within 1-3 days of receiving the order. Should there for any reason be a delay, then we will inform the customer immediately.

Which countries do we ship to?

  • We ship to all countries where our carrier can assure delivery. Norway and Switzerland are not included due to customs. For orders to either country please contact Vain Dane Athletic for further inquiry -