ASK - LIMITED Mens T-shirts

    1. LIMITED Mens TENCEL™ T-shirt - fitted shape
    2. Compostable, anti-bacterial, and breathable
    3. Made in EU - woven in Portugal, sown in Lithuania
    1. T-shirts with different print. The grey T-shirt has a "Slow Fashion - Die Modernen" Snail, the black T-shirt has our regular Vain Dane Athletic kettlebell and the white T-shirt has a kettlebell on the back, and an illustration of a bear wearing ice hockey gear riding a bike on the front
    2. Model: Chest 102 cm, Waist 92 cm
    3. Length of T-shirt: 67,50 cm from neck to hem, See Size Chart
    1. 100% CLY TENCEL™ - Sustainable wood fibers, Oeko-Tex certified fabric
    2. Same model as the dark blue ASK T-shirt
    3. 40 degrees celcius washing

Type: Mens Wear

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